Gusts of 60mph!! Round Review

South Park Golf Course Clubhouse

Score 41 (9 holes) South Park 9 Hole

50 and VERY Windy

Felt better walking today, really took my time, ate and relaxed. Should have taken Cory cause there was no one on the course. Hit a 7 iron into the wind (low draw) and DID NOT make the green (froghair) from 128!


Tee:             8

Approach:  8

Chipping:   5 (better)

Putting:      3 (2 3putts)

Overall:      5 Had I known the wind was going to blow this hard I would have passed. It was sleeting, raining and snowing…made good solid contact. Struck irons well (including *4 iron), worked tee shots both ways. Winds were later reported as high as 60 mph, almost tore off the back screen door. NOTE: Check the shaft length of your 5 wood.

* for discussion …why have a 4 iron in the bag. One consideration is hard packed fairways of links golf. Used both a 3 and 4 iron in 2 two trips to Bandon Dunes.


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