Good Weather..LUCK!! Round Review

Duck Hollow Uniontown, Pa.

Duck Hollow Golf Course Uniontown, Pa.

Got a last minute call from my weekend golf crazies (see, there was snow on the ground at the house) to play in West Virginia, but, by the time everyone (cept me, cause I’m a loner) was loaded and driving in the car, they had changed their minds and opted for a place called Duck Hollow in Uniontown. Click for info

Couple of things about the course, I never played it before, it was well maintained (it was February!!!) and, the word is this was the childhood golf course where PGA Tour Player/US Open Winner Jim Furyk learned to play the game. Apparently, Jim’s dad was pro at Duck Hollow Golf Course.

2003 U.S Open Champion Jim Furyk

Score 84 (18 holes) Duck Hollow Golf Course in Uniontown, Pa.

Mid 40’s Bright Sunshine

It was a cart riding day as this course is quite hilly. Round started well with 3 pars to open, but went quickly south with a triple on the 4th hole. Did NOT hit the ball well at all, scrambled alot. Played with a low hook all day off the tee. I can feel ‘IT’S SPRINGTIME I FEEL GOOD, SO SWING REALLY REALLY HARD’  feeling coming on! …. Chipping MUCH better. Will be fun to go back to this track and playwhen it dries out and adds some roll. One note…greens were firm and fast (yeah even for February).

Tee:             4 (8/14 Fairways) Fighting a hook all day

Approach:  3 (5/18 GIR) Fighting a pull all day

Chipping:   6 (4 up/down par savers)

Putting:      4 (33 putts)  one 3 putt

Overall:      4      As mentioned, fought the swing all day.

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