Finally saw ‘the Help’

Lisa and I love to take in a movie on a Sunday morning and I had forgotten how much I really like Emma Stone, when we sat down to finally watch the Help.

Emma Stone in 'the Help'

I had delayed watching the movie cause I knew it was going to make me cry (which happens alot   these days) We have a ‘list’ of movies which fit the category of Sunday morning, and ‘the Help’ was on the list along with ‘Midnight in Paris’ , ‘Hugo‘ , the Artist , and others. I was correct, it made me cry, but it also made me laugh, and most of all it made me think and question.

Obviously, the story takes place in the 60’s, and yes I was alive and remembered many of the historical events which were incorporated into the film. I always struggle with movies like this because I can never tell if the stories are historically accurate (in terms of verbal brutality or abuse, in the,case of ‘the Help’) or, are embellished to make a good movie. I will say this, if any of these scenes played out in real life, ‘the Help’ is a snapshot of just how horrible people can be to one another. Lisa kept saying how unbelievable it seemed as white people would let these maids ‘raise’ their children, then in the same breath tell them they could not use the bathroom in the house cause ‘colored people’ carried different diseases than caucasian.

Featuring a wonderful cast, including Sissy Spacek, Allsion Janney, and Academy Award winners Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and Jessica Chastain.

I noticed a couple of great songs put into the soundtrack:

We’ll keep up our Sunday tradition both of us totally loved ‘the Help’ well written, well-directed, well executed by the cast, a really good movie

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