Loving Life….

Not to brag but I’ve done MOST of the things I’ve ever wanted to do in life. Traveled, met a ton of people (some famous), raised a family, married ahem twice. Still here I sit at 55  amazed at life and the hope of what’s next. OK, so I went a little deep, but, let me see if I can explain my thoughts (and do it concisely), cause I think it has more to do with starting a new adventure (most people call it a job, I like the drama of the word adventure) than anything else.


I have been doing morning radio for almost 30 years. At the beginning of this year, my contract was not renewed. There could have been many reasons (none were given) including rate of pay, format target audience, working chemistry, or several others. It really doesn’t matter, because mentally I was already in another place. Lisa and I discussed for the past couple years, the fact the radio thing MIGHT end at any time and I should be mentally prepared. These conversations have helped me (soon I’ll have to introduce you to my life partner, my wife, Lisa) immeasurably, because when the contract was not renewed, I felt a greater sense of relief than failure. So 8 weeks to the day after being fired, I sit at the kitchen table drinking my coffee getting ready to head to a new job this morning.

I have been out of work before so the sensation was not new, but, this time it was different. I DID something with the time. I have been busier OUT of WORK than when I was going to the office everyday. Home projects have been completed (not just started and left unfinished for lack of time or committment), new projects have been initiated (you’re reading one of them)  and I have a renewed sense of engagement with my life.

I have always considered myself a late bloomer and the fact that I’m having this epiphany at my age just demonstrates that fact. Either way it matters little as long as I continue to grow, learn, act, engage and love life!



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One thought on “Loving Life….

  1. Video Doc says:

    OK, so do tell what is the job????? Great to see the light is better once the cloud has been lifted!

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