Damn…this weather feels good

….it’s the one thing about spring I love. Everything is renewed!










I grew up in New England and many times as a youth there were harsh winters, so,   spring was always viewed with great anticipation. Days got longer and warmer, the smell of the air seemed to change. It is only now that I realize how much I love the changing of winter to spring. Unfortunately for me this realization might shed some light on my shallow character versus an affection for warmer weather. Here it comes!

See I have had a life long love affair with baseball. It should be pointed out that 1967 was the year of my serious baseball awakening. Cause in 1967, the ‘hometown team’,  Boston Red Sox were picked as 100-1 odds to win the American League pennant. They had lost 100 games in the 1966 season, and no one was prepared for what was going to happen as the spring of 1967 appeared on the horizon. In case you’re not a fan of baseball (or a Red Sox hater, cause there’s plenty of them also) prior to 2004 New England had not seen a Red Sox team win the World Series in 86 years. The ‘Curse of the Babe’ is what it was called (through I never bought into it), cause no Boston team had won a World Series since Babe Ruth was traded to the Yankees (thus making the New York team the FIRST ‘Evil Empire’, sorry, Mr Lucas). History shows what happened in 1967, and no the ‘Sawks’ did not win the series that year, they did ignite a baseball spark in me, that burns to this day.

That said, it’s March 2012, and I live in Pittsburgh, and all around me the elements of spring are bursting everywhere and I have become a Pittsburgh Pirates fan. Lisa and moved to Pittsburgh in 1998, and have attended and supported this team for the last 14 years, all of them losing seasons.  Most of my friends here in Pittsburgh have given up on baseball entirely. In 1992, left fielder Barry Bonds weak throw to catcher Mike LaValliere was too late to catch a slow footed and gimpy kneed former Pirate Sid Bream and the Atlanta Braves beat the Buccos to go on to the ’92 Series. The Bucs never recovered.

An entire generation has come and gone and there’s no winning baseball in Pittsburgh.  It’s coming up on 20 years of losing baseball. NOT 20 years without a World Series appearance, 20 years of losing every season. It’s the longest losing streak in professional sports. It makes ‘burgher’s shake our heads in disgust……however……if you look outside…..the world is renewed……it’s SPRING….and I’m ready for Bucco baseball! Go Bucs!!!!!

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