…thoughts about things rolling through my mind….

How sad it is to watch any coverage of the presidential election…..it bums me out to think one of these people could be close to the White House. There isn’t a decent person with any leadership capabilities whatsoever running for office……

If you’re watching ‘Survivor’ ….what’s with all ass camera shots this year?

it’s spring….will the Buccos contend? (it’s spring, I have this thought every year!)

….is there anything MORE frustrating than your golf game?

…if global warming is bullshit…would someone tell ‘WINTER’

…you mean to tell me….we haven’t got the technology to get our cars off fossil fuel? Someone is lying!! (or someone is making too much money)

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One thought on “Random…..

  1. Ron Celano says:

    It is interesting that I agree with everything you said.

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