Ahhhhhh sunsets!

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It may sound redundant, but those who have visited, I speak very highly of sunsets and mountain tops.  Both paint a picture for me of tranquility, solitude and peacefulness. As I discover those with similar passions, I am passing along several individuals who have posted their inspirations…

Sunsets and Sunrises.

Maui Sunsets.


New Zealand sunsets.

Photography Blogger.

For something a little different…find an ending.

If I had a horse,

I’d ride off into the sunset, where dreams and shadows lie.

Across the umbrageous dusky plains, to reach the fiery sky.

And climb the brightly colored clouds, ablaze with brilliant fire.

And only rest, when darkness comes,______________________. 

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Somewhere in Wyoming

Out my back door, South Dakota

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