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Forget those two games Bud Selig scheduled over in Japan last week…the true Opening Day for the 2012 Major League Baseball Season is almost upon us.

Which brings us to a very, very important question…who will be YOUR team’s Joe Shlabotnik this season?

For those uninitiated with the name…Joe is a fictional baseball player featured in Charles M. Schulz’s Peanutscomic strip.

Joe was Charlie Brown’s all-time favorite baseball player.

Charlie Brown worked endlessly to hunt down any and all memorabilia associated with Joe Shlabotnik.  He once bought 500 one-card, one-cent packs of baseball cards just to get one of Joe’s.  While he wasn’t successful, his “pal” Lucy van Pelt bought but one pack and…whatya know…she owned a Joe Shlabotnik baseball card.  Unfortunately, Lucy refused to trade, even though she had little knowledge of the Grand Old Game.  Once Charlie Brown exhausted himself trying to entice her to give up Joe’s card…she eventually decided he wasn’t…

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