Tough comments, and harder to swallow being a Pens fan, cannot argue one point…spot on!


I find it the ultimate irony to be sitting in suburban Philadelphia writing about how a professional hockey team tried to goon it up in a Stanley Cup Playoff game, baiting and cheap shot-ing their way through all sixty minutes…and that team wasn’t the Flyers.

Truth be told, those “Broad Street Bullies” from the 70’s left town a very, very long time ago, but I digress…

A heavy favorite to win this year’s Cup, yet finding themselves down 2-0 in the opening round, the Pittsburgh Penguins decided to try a tactic they enlisted a couple of weeks back in a regular season game against Philadelphia…albeit at home.  They committed to bait and hurl themselves at the Flyers in a reckless, dangerous manner with the intent to injure and punch out any Flyer who attempted to fight back.

It didn’t work then.

It didn’t work yesterday.

The Penguins are now down three games to none and on the verge of…

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