…a word on Father’s Day…


….had a thought pass through my head as Father’s Day passed. Not the typical Father’s Day reflection on my own parenting or a even a reflection of my own Dad’s parenting skills, just a passing thought on the whole process. Specifically, I wonder if my kids know how proud their Dad is of them. I have two kids, Nate and Jaime, both now in their 30’s and busy with their lives. Nate is a dad himself.  Jaime, due to no fault of her own, will never be a dad. She might, however, someday decide to be the most important asset to a dad, and become a mom.

Most kids grow up seeking parental approval and I think my two are no different. I want them to know they have my approval and admiration. I am not one to hand out accolades because it’s a special day, or I’m feeling sentimental (though I am). I have lived long enough to know we are defined by the trials of life. Each person’s path is their own and unique to the individual. I offer no judgement on whether someone’s path is hard or easy, it’s their life not mine. As for Nate and Jaime, I do not pretend to know what their path will be, I only know in watching,  I am proud to be their Dad, and am excited to see their live’s unfold!

Love, Dad

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