….need some headcovers?


My daughter Jaime is very crafty. Each time I head out on a different golf trip she makes me custom knit head covers to go with either the theme or my new bag. Each time she makes them I get several people inquiring as to where I get them. Not to go all E-bay on you here, but, after some coaxing she has agreed to make them available to a select few. Each head cover can be made to specific design and color. Price is based on how many you would want. If you’re interested, drop me a comment with your vital information (name and email or phone) and I will have her contact you.


Below are some photos of her work.




Headcover Driver


Driver, 3 and 5 Woods

Callaway Setup

Hogan Apex






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2 thoughts on “….need some headcovers?

  1. Chris Mascaro says:

    Hey JR, the headcovers look nice. Have your daughter reach out to me. I am a Jack Nicklaus fan and play his company’s woods. I have a black and yellow Nicklaus tour bag and next month I’m heading out on my annual golf trip with the boys.

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