…..in the meantime….

…I’ve heard from several people about the lack of content from my blog in the past few weeks. Originally, I was going to post ‘my disappearance’ but, when I arrived at my location, I was without cel or any type of online connection. (I felt like I was part of the TV commercial where the guys were looking to camp in an area without any cellular contact. That was me at my parents house over the last month)

In fact, I kept running that commercial through my head! I have been in Maine spending some quality time with my parents. Though it’s NOT the end of the earth I did sometimes wonder. I was so deep into the woods I picked up “Walden‘ from Henry David Thoreau and grew out my beard, the first,  a tough read and tthe second a BAD look! Now I’m back…Fired up about the Pirates, ready to start reintroducing myself to employment, landscaping, and my wife, Lisa. Here are some photos from my recent trip ….

…wildflowers by the side of the road

…love the smell of spruce

Mom’s flowers

…ready for some wood cuttin…John Deere hat and 3 day beard growth!

…the camp …before it’s opened..

…bro cuttin some firewood..

…home away from home…

…goin for a LONG hike!

…beaver have been busy!

…never know what pretty sight is around the next trail

Moose was here!

…who needs a rollercoaster when Dad’s drivin

Aunt’s camp on the lake in Sangerville, Me.

…view from aunt’s porch in Sangerville, Me.

Fished the Pleasant River in Brownville Junction, Me.

…put that one back in to grow some….

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