Listen to the words….

If you watch any TV you may have heard this song as part of the latest Sam Adams beer campaign. I caught it the other day on the tail end of a commercial and ‘Shazamed’ it. The song is called ‘Overwhelmed’ by Tim McMorris. If you’ve ever really cared for someone, or,  are in that lifelong relationship you never thought you’d have, take a minute and listen to the words!
This is a video I found on YouTube, not the ‘official video’, but I couldn’t help see the happiness of both of these people as they get married. I’m sure after you watch it you’ll agree it works (not sure if this is an actual wedding or not). One of the comments…I don’t even know these people, but, I feel like I should send them a wedding gift!

Let me know what you think!!

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2 thoughts on “Listen to the words….

  1. Jeremiah says:

    Great Stuff. I listen to this song daily. Keep up the good finds.

    • jrthetalker says:

      I’m trying to learn it well enuf to play it on the guitar! It’s been a struggle, not a hard song to play, I’m not very accomplished in guitar. I’ll keep you posted and if it comes out good enuf, and I can muster the courage, I MIGHT post it! Thanks for the note, talk to you soon.

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