….great seeing some old friends….

Lerse and I roadtripped to Kent (Ohio) last week to see some old friends visiting from Florida. Jan and Andy (forever to be called Jandy) went to Kent State with Lerse. In fact, I believe, Andy may have been the author of the nickname, Lerse. Jan was Lisa’s roomate, and they have been dear friends of ours for over twenty years. OK, enough of the background. Besides arguing with me, Andy has always had a great ear for music. (There, Andrew, I SAID IT). He has long served as inspiration for me to look beyond the ‘hits’ and listen to artists, bands, and titles that don’t get the attention they deserve from mainstream media. Somewhere in our hike through campus we got onto the topic of music and I thought I would share. Here is one of the bands mentioned:  Lemon Jelly….. not a new band BUT different, watch and enjoy!




…as always it was great to see you guys and we cannot wait to see you again! Much Love!


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