….from my inside voice…..

……as the conventions come to the ‘news’ channels, as I celebrated another birthday, and as I am at a career crossroad, I been spending way too much time thinking about how life should be versus what it is. I also heard this song from Ben Folds on my Ipod…(go ahead and take the 5 minutes to watch the video, BUT, listen to the words).

They give NO F**K! Really! Scary, but, true! As a society, we now care only about our slice, our piece, our plot, our lives. During my days of unemployment, I’ve really thought about how fortunate I am. Beautiful wife, great family, enough money not to worry about money (right now). Now in case you haven’t caught on, I would be a an ‘idealist’!

I’ve always thought we could change the world in a day. We still can! Isn’t it always the simplest actions executed with a well thought purpose which yield the largest results? It should start now with a personal evaluation of where we are and what we really want to accomplish. My days of unemployment have also taught me that I’m NOT sure what I really want all the time! Me thinks that’s not as bad as maybe I thought it was a few years ago.  What I do have is people around me who MIGHT have the answers, not SINGULARLY, but, COLLECTIVELY.  People way smarter than me understood it was this collective process which made life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness obtainable. My key is to start, and that’s what I’m doing today, tomorrow and the days ahead…..

Thanks for reading my thoughts ….. from my inside voice!

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