…..my wandering mind….

I guess as the election nears it makes me think of such things, but, as I was driving, listening to another political advertisement, my mind drifted to these thoughts…..





….all media has agenda and it’s bottom line is monetary, NOT in any audience relationship.

….the real news is the first 5 minutes of any newscast, because if the subject matter is of real importance it goes first. The remainder of any newscast is filler or speculation.

….it is best to ignore any and all new teases on TV and radio, because if it was really important they would tell you NOW.

….the course of history can be changed every first Tuesday in November. It is also the reason why the 22nd Amendment is not needed. Voting begins and ends a term.

….most voters are ignorant of issues and candidates.  To acquire knowledge of both would be an extreme effort involving time and energy far beyond taking any media outlets report of either.

….our most qualified candidates do not run for public office. No one qualified would put themselves or family though such public scrutiny.

….most candidates run for public office to satisfy their huge ego.

….our elected officials represent the minority, because minorities are the only organized groups.

….the majority is too busy to be part of the process for two reasons.1) They are too busy working to acquire STUFF they don’t need, but think they do….or…2) They feel they cannot effect change.

I guess I should be thankful that the aforementioned political advertisement was only 30 seconds long. I also know these thoughts serve as an affirmation for me to get my own personal house in order. We all need to be part of the process if we are to keep the fabulous lifestyle, those who came before us secured, and it’s starts with me. What happens when your mind wanders?

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