Who is JR?

JR Randall

Let me introduce myself….My name is really Jim (James, JR and even J) but for the past 35 years I’ve been on the radio all over the East Coast as JR. It’s been ‘the JR Show’ …’JR in the Morning’ and a host of other names which include people with whom I have worked





JR, Dave Mathews, Lisa

with Comic/Actor Kevin Nealon

not funny at the Improv

I am originally from New England, but, have lived in Pittsburgh for the past 14 years. I am married, my wife’s name is Lisa.

with Lisa

…have two (2) children from a previous marriage, Nate (married to Joni and father of Will) and Jaime, my daughter, all live in Connecticut.

with Nate

Will and Nate

with Jaime

….of course our family would not be complete¬†without Cory!

Hi I'm Cory!

Now let the journey continue!


2 thoughts on “Who is JR?

  1. Denise Randall says:

    Hey, did you ever get to go to Studio 54 back in the day? I don’t remember.

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