Pineapple Express: It’s ALIVE!

If your playing catch up, my wife, Lisa has decided to grow a pineapple. I got this text from her recently and am strictly following orders:

Blog this baby! It is def growing ūüôā




Pineapple Express

She says its growing, I’m not going to argue! You decide….


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The Pineapple Express Re-deux

Never let it be said, my wife Lisa, is NOT persistant. As is usually the case, once she gets something in her head, she will keep on the case till it’s mission accomplished or complete fail. Pineapple Express (the original) was a complete fail, so let me introduce you to Pineapple Express Re-deux, now three days old, and an optimistic turnaround for Lisa….here is proof…



The Pineapple Express Update 1

Here is the first update installment, I think something is supposed to be growing from the center?


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The Pineapple Express

No No No It’s NOT what you think, though some of the characters could be interchanged from movie to real life and vice versa. Actually, I just thought it was a cool name to borrow for my wife’s latest experiment. Her cousin in Columbus started the process, so now there are two pineapples growing in pots…

1) The Original in Columbus (planted on April 5)
Kelli 2
…and here’s Lisa’s one day later….
Lisa 2
….the results could be stunning, check back and I’ll provide the updates….Aloha!
Lisa 1

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…… switching things up….

… after almost a year off …. mostly playing golf, visiting and doing many of the things you don’t get to do when you are working…..¬†I have started on a new venture in the banking business, yes the world of credit and debits. I have received¬†two very distinct reactions. From those who only know me from my life long career in radio they kind of scratch their heads, and mutter words like …”You’re crazy, you’ll want a¬†media job¬†soon, you’ll be back”… to,¬† “You’re doing what?”…. To others, it’s more curiosity and congratulations. If¬†pressed for an explanation, I really don’t have one. The opportunity came up, I talked it over with Lisa and thought it might be something¬†that would challenge me over the next few years, and agreed to give it a go.¬†No over-thinking, no preconceived ideas of what might be. Simply a new adventure.

Dad, Mom and Me (1956)

Dad, Mom and Me (1956)

However, upon some reflection the die may have been cast¬†many years ago.¬†My dad did something quite similar, albeit much more challenging. After 30 years as a tool and die man (machinist) and when a new trade school opened not far from home in Maine, he thought about teaching the trade. However, this took some initiative from a guy who hadn’t been to school since high school.¬†Factually, he¬†failed to¬†graduate from lack of attendance. He¬†obtained his GED¬†in his thirties, and made a deep impression on his three boys¬†to avoid¬†following that path. So much so, I remember telling him on one occasion, I disliked math, to which he took it as I was quitting school and¬†lit me up verbally¬†as he was want to do from time to time. ¬†To teach at the trade school he had to gain accreditation, which he did and went on teach the trade he excelled for almost 20 years.

So I had seen him decide to veer off the beaten path to do something foreign. So like so many things in my life I have to thank him (and my mom by his side at every step) for showing me the example of how things can be done.

Dad and Mom (2012)

Dad and Mom (2012)

Thanks Dad

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eclectic music 13

In my year off, I’ve reconnected with the guitar. Not saying I can play, but, I’ve had the time to practice more, try a few things and though I’m still not confident enough to play in front of anyone but Lisa, I am getting a bit better at it. Doesn’t hurt¬† many songs and lessons are available online¬†and I have taken advantage. Here are a couple of songs I’ve been messing with lately. (Funny they don’t sound as good, but I’ll keep tryin’)






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jess blogs

Today was a good day.

We are 5 days past hurricane Sandy, and we’re still in the dark. No lights. No heat. A bit nippy at night, especially tonight, going down into the 30’s. I’m sitting here by the fire, writing this on my ipad, wearing a down vest, down coat, ugg boots, and a scarf pulled over my head.

In the aftermath of the storm, we had no idea how bad it was. No one did, initially. We were glad to be safe, our house intact. We lost power as soon as the storm hit, so we were in the dark- no news. Cell phone service was limited- we couldn’t access the internet or even make calls, only texts, and with very slow delivery at that. Stranded at home, since all transportation to NYC was suspended, I felt news-deprived and isolated. My husband was able to get to work…

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… wandering mind….

I guess as the election nears it makes me think of such things, but,¬†as I was driving, listening to another political advertisement, my mind drifted to these thoughts…..





….all media has agenda and it’s bottom line is monetary, NOT in any audience relationship.

….the real news is the first 5 minutes of any newscast, because if the subject matter is of real importance it goes first. The remainder of any newscast is filler or speculation.

….it is best to ignore any and all new teases on TV and radio, because if it was really important they would tell you NOW.

….the course of history can be changed every first Tuesday in November. It is also the reason why the 22nd Amendment is not needed. Voting begins and ends a term.

….most voters are ignorant of issues and candidates.¬† To acquire knowledge of both would be an extreme effort involving time and energy far beyond taking any media outlets report of either.

….our most qualified candidates do not run for public office. No one qualified would put themselves or family though such public scrutiny.

….most candidates run for public office to satisfy their huge ego.

….our elected officials represent the minority, because minorities are the only organized groups.

….the majority is too busy to be part of the process for two reasons.1) They are too busy working to acquire STUFF they don’t need, but think they do….or…2) They feel they cannot effect change.

I guess I should be thankful that the aforementioned¬†political advertisement was only 30 seconds long. I also know these thoughts serve as an affirmation for me to get my own personal house in order. We all need to be part of the process if we are to keep the fabulous lifestyle, those who came before us secured, and it’s starts with me. What happens when your mind wanders?

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…eclectic music 12

…’s some songs I’ve run across in the past few weeks to check out! Enjoy….

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